Weekly Roundup – 6/8/15

Weekly Roundup – 6/8/15

A study in Pediatrics indicates that more restrictive alcohol laws for adults lead to lower rates of underage drinking.

SAMHSA blog points out the dangers of high caffeine intake after quitting smoking.

CASAColumbia reported on the easy availability of alcohol to underage drinkers in New York.

A new study suggests regular alcohol consumption may not benefit the heart as previously thought.

NPR investigated world regions with higher levels of alcohol consumption and addiction.

An editorial in the New Orleans Times-Picayune aptly states the case for scientific medical marijuana research.

The Wall Street Journal reported that drug use is rising in the American work force.

The California Senate voted to raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco to 21.

A new study analyzes sexual risk behaviors among homeless youth with substance use problems.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed technology that could disable vehicles based on drivers’ BAC.

Psychology Today reports on the symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder.

A new study in JAMA Psychiatry examines the prevalence of alcohol use disorder among American adults.

The Canadian Press reports that marijuana is linked with higher rates of mental illness and psychosis in teens.

California moves to regulate the medical marijuana industry.

The Wall Street Journal reports on black tar heroin and OxyContin.

Research at the University of Michigan shows teens begin abusing stimulant medications between the ages of 16 and 19.