Weekly Roundup: 6/1/15

Weekly Roundup: 6/1/15

The Buffalo (NY) News reports on opiate addiction in newborns.

The New York Times reports on the growing concerns over flakka in Florida.

A new study links moderate alcohol consumption to heart damage in the elderly.

Alameda County in California will force the pharmaceutical industry to pay for safe prescription drug disposal.

A study published in Health Education Research suggests that graphic media campaigns influence Americans’ intentions to quit smoking.

CVS reports that long term gains justify short term losses after pulling tobacco products from stores.

Mitch Zeller, Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, calls for a national debate on nicotine.

Science Direct published an article on prevalence rates of drug use among bullies and victims.

JAMA Pediatrics published a study on misuse of pain medications by children and teens.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence released a study analyzing opioid abuse and depression in adolescents.

The CDC published a page of ignition interlock data by state.

The Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse published a study on alcohol use behaviors and protective factors among African American college students.

The American Journal of Psychiatry printed an article on brain development in heavy-drinking adolescents.

The Journal of Adolescent Health reported on drinking behavior among college students as it relates to social media posts.

The Journal of Primary Prevention published a study examining parties and drinking on college campuses.

Clinical Psychological Science published work on solitary drinking among teens.

Public health concerns arise from unregulated pesticide usage on marijuana crops.

Project SAM released their report on responsible research of marijuana for medical potential.

A new study shows that combining alcohol with marijuana increases concentration of THC in the blood.

SAMHSA issued opioid and alcohol brief guides for medication-assisted treatment.

Innovative Detox published free self-tests for addiction to opiates and alcohol.

Political candidates are focusing on prescription drug abuse during campaigns.

Newsweek published a full-length article on Big Tobacco and the e-cigarette industry.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism published an Alcohol Alert on the potential of eTechnology in the Alcohol field.

Men’s Health published an article on alcohol’s effects on the body.

The journal Applied Geography published Development of a Community Index of Alchol-Related Harm for British Columbia, Canada.

The Washington Examiner sums up the current battle against powdered alcohol in all states.

USA Today reported on rising drug abuse in the retired population.

Alaska’s Tobacco Quitline has an online e-cigarette identification quiz with facts and statistics on e-cigs.