Weekly Roundup 6-8-2020

Weekly Roundup 6-8-2020

Census Update

Field operations are readying and soon hundreds of enumerators will be trained. In Bexar county, all three Area Census Offices restarted operations as well as in the rest of the counties surrounding the Bexar metropolitan area.

In all counties, operations will be important as they will cover the Enumeration of Transitory Locations (ETL) which counts people with temporary addresses, such as farmworker housing, campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks, and hotels. This operation is conducted by visiting the locations where people are living.

Another important operation, Service Based Enumeration (SBE), is the one that counts people experiencing homelessness. This operation will be conducted by working with service providers such as soup kitchens or shelters, or by visiting homeless encampments or outdoor living areas.

Stay tuned for more information about the ETL & SBE operations. If you have contact with any of the groups they cover, please let them know the census will be there soon or if you have latest information about where homelessness folks may be congregating, please contact Richard Castanon, Dallas Regional Census Center, Denver Region, U.S. Census Bureau, Mobile: 210.913.7843 or Email: richard.castanon@2020census.gov.


 Below please find the state of your County Self-Response, these rates are being updated daily at 4:00pm Central Standard Time.

Atascosa 36.3% +0.3% Guadalupe 64.1% +0.4%
Bexar 59.3% +0.4% Hays 54.2% +0.4%
Blanco 40.2% +0.2% Karnes 30.2% +0.4%
Comal 62.8% +0.4% Kendall 61.8% +0.4%
Frio 36.6% +0.6% Kerr 56.7% +0.2%
Gillespie 52.5% +0.2% Medina 43.2% +0.4%
Gonzales 39.4% +0.4% Wilson 57.7% +0.4%
U.S. 60.6% +0.6% Texas 55.3% +0.4%