Weekly Roundup: 6-15-15

Weekly Roundup: 6-15-15

The Arizona Chamber Foundation issued a policy brief on recreational marijuana legalization.

A study in Clinical Pediatrics used the National Poison Data System to examine marijuana exposure in children under six years old.

Colorado cuts marijuana excise taxes in effort to reduce black market trade.

Anchorage places restrictions on second-hand marijuana smoke.

PBS NewsHour reports on the exacerbated California drought conditions as a result of marijuana farms.

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation joined the Partnership for Drug Free Kids in a campaign to educate parents and kids about prescription drug abuse.

Recent research in Addictive Behaviors explores the link between child maltreatment and alcohol dependence.

Health Education & Behavior published a review of stimulant use on college campuses.

New research examines help-seeking behavior in adults and children with symptoms of alcohol use disorder.

The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse looks at use of K2 and Spice (synthetic cannabinoids) among college students in the southeast United States.

A Canadian study examines the effects of a 0.05% maximum legal BAC on law enforcement patterns and alcohol-related accidents.

E-cigarettes contain same addictive flavoring chemical as light or low-tar cigarettes.