Weekly Roundup, 5/4/15

Weekly Roundup, 5/4/15

The Addiction Technology Transfer Center released the third in their series of marijuana lit videos: Marijuana’s Effects on Pregnancy and Newborns.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announces that expanding Naloxone use could reduce drug overdose deaths

The Breaking Addiction Act of 2015 was introduced to eliminate exclusion of substance use disorder treatments from Institutions for Mental Disease.

A recent HIV outbreak in Indiana is linked to shared syringes used for oxymorphone injection.

Maryland college Frostburg curbs campus drinking for curbing campus drinking.

The Health Site reports that binge drinking in teens can deteriorate learning skills and memory.

A new study suggests that mixing energy drinks and alcohol leads to abusive drinking in teenagers.

Science World Report shares data showing that women are driving the increase in binge drinking across the United States.

MADD New Mexico spells out the dangers of underage drinking.

House rejects amendment to allow VA doctors to discuss medical marijuana with patients.

The Partnership for Drugfree Kids published a Guide for Parents on the ways marijuana is used.

Drug overdose deaths rise among Baby Boomers.

Insurance News Net reports that 60% of insurers nationwide are out of compliance with ADA in covering smoking cessation programs.

The American Journal of Public Health published a study showing that people smoking e-cigarettes may be less likely to quit smoking.