Weekly Roundup: 5/11/15

Weekly Roundup: 5/11/15

The Atlantic explores the false promise of Colorado’s education funding through marijuana tax revenues.

A study finds that college students who post about drinking on Facebook tend to binge drink more often.

Published text from the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Hearing on trends in opioid use and abuse, injury and death.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey pledges to fight the heroin and prescription drug epidemics.

A study by the University of Maryland shows that many pregnant women believe e-cigarettes are safer than regular.

Montana lawmakers vote to ban sales of e-cigarettes to minors.

A new study shows high alcohol intake increases risk of psoriatic arthritis in women.

U.S. Supreme Court asks President Obama to comment in “cross-border nuisance” lawsuit brought against Colorado by neighboring states.

CVS kicks off a fundraising campaign to benefit American Lung Association.

The New York Times printed a letter from Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet on the marketing of marijuana.

New research suggests that glass shape may influence speed of alcohol consumption.

Alaska’s Division of Public Health published a webpage for citizens to Get the Facts About Marijuana.

A marijuana breathalyzer could help law enforcement crack down on drugged drivers.

Synthetic marijuana sends five people to the hospital in Connecticut.

Minnesota Department of Human Services responds to opioid addiction crisis.

College students in Texas respond to interviews about illicit use of stimulants.

Nevada’s Governor Sandoval signs bill fighting prescription drug abuse.

Study shows that the reduction in alcohol-related car crashes over time has boosted the US economy.

The Journal of Adolescent Health published a study indicating that underage drinkers who cite a brand preference based on marketing or adult modeling are likely to drink more.

HIV-positive men may be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol.

Drug czar Botticelli weighs in on gaps in treatment services in Kentucky.

Rise in hepatitis C cases linked to use of prescription drug Opana.

Psychiatry Advisor reports on the growing abuse of prescription drugs among senior citizens.

Queens Chronicle raises awareness of the dangers of hookah smoking.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving commemorates its 35th anniversary this week.

SAMHSA announces grants to enhance Adult Drug Court and other services.

The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project reports that deaths from alcohol-related falls top those from drunk driving.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals professions most likely to abuse alcohol and illegal drugs.

Chewing tobacco has been banned from San Francisco ball parks.

Science20.com promotes regulation of packaging and availability of legal marijuana to prevent use by children and teens.